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A swiss fresh graduate in International Hospitality Management at Vatel Switzerland - Vatel

A swiss fresh graduate in International Hospitality Management at Vatel Switzerland

Roxane Devaud, a swiss fresh graduate international Hospitality Management describing her three years spent at Vatel Switzerland


Roxane has just completed her Bachelor degree in the international section. She shares her experience of her Vatel Switzerland's years. "I got to know Vatel through a friend, a former Vatel student from Fribourg. She kept telling me about her experiences and I wanted to know more. So I participated in the open day and that's where it all started". Roxane had a desire to travel, to learn languages and to discover new cultures. She therefore decided to study in the English section. "As a Swiss citizen, I had the opportunity to discover the Valais region and I was pleasantly surprised by the proximity of neighboring countries such as France and Italy. When I arrived in the international class, it was made up of students of different nationalities, with a high level of maturity and who had already traveled.  In the second year, the lessons became more intensive and we all had to work on a group marketing project in Verbier, which also allowed me to share good times with other students while working". The family aspect of Vatel Switzerland, while being international, reinforced Roxane's choice of school. These conditions allow her today to fly with her own wings. We wish Roxane all the best in her career and future projects.

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