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MBA in International Hotel Management - Finance & Project Development

Admission requirements
2 year program minimum
Year 1
Year 2
Certified qualification & Degrees
MBA in International
Hotel Management

To create, manage, and sustain your personal project, or be able to consult and make sound decisions with financial investors, is the key to success for any company regardless its size. Develop your project, convince investors. Our MBA Program enables students to further enhance such competencies.

Highly qualified and experienced professors from well-recognized schools, partnerships with renowned institutions from the Swiss tourism sector, and real case studies from professionals within the industry, will provide you the tools that allow you to quickly climb the ladder within management functions or in enterprise consultancy. Invest in your education to get the return on investment for your future!

 The Vatel Switzerland  International Hospitality Financial Management & Project Management  MBA offers a perfect balance between theorical sessions and practical experiences provided by group projects, case studies, and value adding testimonials of highly skilled professionals. 

This unique program in Switzerland, recognized worldwide for its wealth in Hospitality education,  provides graduates with highly sought after skills and key competences in the critical areas of Operations Financial Management and Project Management and , as such, give them a chance to access faster to Hotel Management senior positions .”

Marc Forestier (Graduate of HEC Paris), Director of the MBA

 A program in collaboration with the Valaisan Tourism Observatory, the Institute of Tourism from the HES-SO,  and Mr Stéphane Dubreuille, Director and Professor of Finance at the prestigious NEOMA Business School.


1. Contact

You contact the Vatel Campus of your choice (at a forum, by internet, by email, etc.).

2. Application

You send your completed application form and all other documents requested back to the school.

3. Evaluation

The school will study your file, and should you be admissible, will invite you to the next entrance exam.

4. Entrance exam

You take the entrance exam in the school you would like to attend.

5. Results

You will receive your results within a few days.

6. Validation

Your admission will be validated after an interview with the school director of the school you would like to attend. 

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