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The wonderful Adventures of Alice's Marco Polo exchange program at Vatel Mauritius - Vatel

The wonderful Adventures of Alice's Marco Polo exchange program at Vatel Mauritius

Marco Polo program is vatel's unique exchange program. It offers students the opportunity of total immersion in another vatel school in the world.


Alice, a French student from Strasbourg, studying for a Bachelor's degree at Vatel Switzerland, has chosen to go to Mauritius for her second year. Her passion for luxury and travels led her to sign up for a Marco Polo exchange. "I chose Vatel Mauritius because this school is known for its interculturality and its luxury hotels. I was certain that having an experience there would enrich me enormously both culturally and professionally.

Indeed, this experience has allowed Alice to create an international network as many of the students there are exchanged students from other vatels in the world. 

"Here at Vatel Mauritius, we do not alternate classes and practice as we do at Vatel Switzerland, because the school does not have a hotel on its campus. On the other hand, everything is organized in an immersive way in a company and several internships are arranged. For my part, after a month and a half of theoretical courses, I joined the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa as assistant manager. After this experience and another month of intensive courses, I went back to Hilton as Guest Relation representative".

Alice was also able to open herself culturally thanks to her extraordinary encounters with the local population and the professional and academic environment. She strongly recommends this enriching experience to all first year Vatel students.

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