Professionals partners speak about Vatel

Yves Mudry, who has been the Sofitel So Bangkok director for the past three years, speaks about how he worked closely with Vatel when he was in Thailand.

Professionals partners speak about Vatel

“In our Sofitel universe, each employee is considered as a brand ambassador, in charge of making each guest’s stay a unique one.

Vatel students are also asked to do this, and we carefully choose each and every one of them for operational internships in our hotels.

Vateland Sofitel each have French roots; thus interns know what Sofitel means when we talk about the “French spirit.”

With strong international bases as well as theoretical knowledge, our interns can adapt their knowledge to countries like Thailand, with a complex culture.

This allows them to work well with other ambassadors, from many walks of life and to welcome guests from the entire world.

I appreciate the relations we have with the School and hope to continue this fruitful cooperation.” Yves Mudry, Raffles Jakarta Hotel General Manager since April, 2017


Vatel Switzerland is launching it's new MBA specialization Finance.
Vatel Switzerland is launching it's new MBA specialization Finance.

Switzerland is the core of global finance and training in hotel management making it well recognized as a reputable Swiss institution.

Vatel Switzerland located in Martigny has decided to combine these two elements with a new MBA Specialization. Starting in November 2017, Vatel Switzerland will be conducting their new 3 semester program in Financial Management

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