Both goals reached

"Working for the Accor group and if possible in Asia": this was the ambition of Clément Boyer, Vatelien class of 2015. His job today? Guest Relations Officer at the So Sofitel Bangkok Hotel in Thailand.

Both goals reached

In a group like Accor, the Experience & Satisfaction Manager is in charge of monitoring customer satisfaction, compliance with protocols and quality control procedures.

This is the job that Clement Boyer has in the SO Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, where he has worked since February, 2016.

“Checking compliance with over 300 standards, meeting clients at key stages in their stay with us, answering comments on the net, processing questionnaires for our client base,” is all a part of his daily fare. He also shares quality indicators with other managers in the hotel in regularly scheduled meetings.

This student, who attended Vatel in France and in the US, started out with a six-month management internship in this hotel, as part of the management training program which allows hotel chains to meet new talents.

“My goal was to stay in the group, and if possible, in Asia”. Both goals reached for this golf enthusiast in the capital of Thailand.


Vatel Switzerland is launching it's new MBA specialization Finance.
Vatel Switzerland is launching it's new MBA specialization Finance.

Switzerland is the core of global finance and training in hotel management making it well recognized as a reputable Swiss institution.

Vatel Switzerland located in Martigny has decided to combine these two elements with a new MBA Specialization. Starting in November 2017, Vatel Switzerland will be conducting their new 3 semester program in Financial Management

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