A Vatelien’ s travel log

Internships in Rhodes and in Cannes, a year in Vatel Los Angeles, working in Paris and in London: Virginie Vaillant’s Success Story is now boarding and will be landing soon in Marrakesh!

A Vatelien’ s travel log

The Communication and Public Relations Director at the Marrakesh Four Seasons Resort, Virginie Vaillant remembers the days she spent at Vatel, her internships and the different jobs she had before working in Morocco.  

“After traditional high school studies, I really didn’t feel like continuing my education with a truly academic curriculum. I needed something that was more concrete. The Vatel theory/practical application program felt like it was made for me.

Most of the people I met, either at my Vatel courses or in my internships, are still a part of my life.

I really remember our practical application weeks where we worked long days, but always had so much fun! I bought into the school’s philosophy and today I still believe that to well manage a team, we have to have experienced what they do on a daily basis.

For my first year’s internship I went to the French Var department, at the front desk of the Les Moulins de Paillas 3* Hotel in Croix-Valmer.

In my second year I worked in the F&B department of the Lindos Mare 4*Hotel in Rhodes, Greece and in my third year I was the assistant of the two Groups and Events Operational Managers at the 5* Majestic Hotel in Cannes.

I completed my Bachelor Vatel in Lyon with a year at Vatel Los Angeles to improve my English.

When I got back to France, I was hired right away as the Banquet Assistant Manager at the Hilton Courcelles 4*Hotel in Paris, (now Hotel Du Collectionneur). But as I wanted to keep on progressing, I made use of our alumni network.

I met a friend of a Vatelien who worked for Alain Ducasse Enterprise. This person then sent my resume to the head office and I was invited to interview with them. A few days later I was hired for the job I was looking for and for which there were a lot of other applications.

Today I think that what made the difference was the years of professional experience that I had, thanks to my practical application experience and my internships. I could easily hold my own faced with older people.

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Vatel Switzerland is launching it's new MBA specialization Finance.
Vatel Switzerland is launching it's new MBA specialization Finance.

Switzerland is the core of global finance and training in hotel management making it well recognized as a reputable Swiss institution.

Vatel Switzerland located in Martigny has decided to combine these two elements with a new MBA Specialization. Starting in November 2017, Vatel Switzerland will be conducting their new 3 semester program in Financial Management

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