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The Hotel Industry will recover: Interview with Yves Defalque, General Director of Vatel Switzerland - Vatel

The Hotel Industry will recover: Interview with Yves Defalque, General Director of Vatel Switzerland

Mr. Yves Defalque, General Manager of Hotel Vatel and Vatel Switzerland gives us his statement and perspective on the consequences of the COVID-19 health crisis on the tourism sector.


“The figures at the global and national level are catastrophic and much more dramatic than the last crises of this century such as for example the most recent crisis with the subprimes. The damage of which is already estimated 8 times less than the crisis at hand in terms of tourism revenue.

The COVID-19 situation will continue to devastate companies that were already in difficulty before the crisis and which will find themselves in greater difficulty for lack of essential reserves to their survival.

As you know, tourism is very resilient and in the past it has shown rapid recoveries from other troubling situations, such as following in the 21st century:

·       September 11th, 2001: recovery after 5 months

·       SARS in 2003: recovery after 5 months

·       The subprime crisis: recovery after 10 months

It is safe to say that we will experience the same rebound once a vaccine is discovered and according to the most pessimist analysts, the years 2022 and 2023 could return to normalcy as it once was in 2019 before the pandemic.

At the time prior to the pandemic, the labor force in the hotel industry experienced less options in the job market due to much supply and not enough demand. In the future, predictions show that there will be more fluid and qualitative recruitment. This will allow the emergence of an increased level of skills and greater demands on the part of employers than before.

The employment market will recover with a strong demand for skilled labor in 2022. For that reason, our students will be able to benefit from real opportunities to relaunch our hotel industry.

As explained, it is certain that as a main aspect of the tourism development, the hotel industry can quickly recover from this crisis thanks to a particular state of mind in the management of this type of event that is absolutely out of the ordinary. They can also count on the following:

·       A rapid rebound in leisure tourism after months of frustration and initially on a local or international clientele with close purchasing power

·       Reorganized reception structures favoring quality

·       Sufficient staff with higher quality levels

Even MICE, which one might fear a slower start, has a very large pool of postponed conferences which should more than compensate for the losses generated by the competition from videoconferences on small meetings."


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