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Let’s meet Michael Tshiyoyo, teacher at Vatel Switzerland - Vatel

Let’s meet Michael Tshiyoyo, teacher at Vatel Switzerland

Professor of Human Resources and Taxation, Michael Tshiyoyo joined Vatel Switzerland in 2018. Discover his journey from student to teacher in his following testimony.


Beyond passing on his or her knowledge, a teacher can also change his or her students’ outlook. This was the case for Michael Tshiyoyo who, prior to becoming a teacher, met a teacher who gave him confidence.

“Throughout my adolescence, I was at the bottom of my class. My daily report illustrated the worst results, no class interested me and I was not aware that I was jeopardizing my future. When I was 15, I had to make a decision: to continue studying or do an apprenticeship.

When I was 16, I met a teacher who believed in me and it definitely changed my view of school. That’s when it clicked, and I was able to change my approach. The finance courses were the first to catch my attention and interest. From starting as the last in class, I became a Master’s graduate. I then had the chance to work in the banking sector for 16 years and 10 years in Human Resources.

“It’s truly a gift to see students excel”

“For a long time, I believed that school was a place of torture rather than a place of enlightenment and discovery. That’s why, with each course I teach at Vatel Switzerland, I put myself in the place of my students and give the best of myself so that they can have a real thirst for learning, even in taxation!

It’s a real gift to see the students excel, but above all, to see them proud of their own work.

Vatel students are very receptive, generous, grateful and full of energy. It’s lucky to bring them together.”

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