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Capstone project :  a step into the world of entrepreneurship - Vatel

Capstone project : a step into the world of entrepreneurship

As an essential project, the Capstone project is the opportunity for 3rd year students to put into practice all the knowledge acquired during the Bachelor Program, both in operational and theoretical, and develop a business plan.


The Capstone project was initiated in 2013 and is developed by the third year students in the English and French sections of the Bachelor Program in International Hotel Management.

Students must identify an innovative business opportunity in the hotel, catering or tourism sector. This project highlights entrepreneurship, a key value at Vatel Switzerland, by associating three major functions within a company: Marketing, Financial Management and Human Resources.

At the beginning of their academic semester, students submit their proposals to the professors who will support them throughout the duration of this project. This project can take place either in Switzerland or abroad. 

Mrs. Lot, a Professor of Marketing, Promotion and Negotiations at Vatel Switzerland, guides the students throughout this project. She explains to us why the Capstone Project is a key step in the Bachelor Program:

“Theoretical lessons, weeks of practice in our application hotel, and internships enrich our students. They observe, practice, analyze, and grow their knowledge and skills.

In addition to this course, the Capstone Entrepreneurship Project allows students to put all the pieces of the skill puzzle together. For 6 months, with their feet on the ground and their heads in the stars, they will apply their skills in Marketing, Finance and Human Resources at the service of an original group idea.

The result: a superb bridge between theoretical knowledge and the realities of entrepreneurship. Our students will thus be able to carry out a field market study, to propose a marketing strategy, and to materialize a hotel project with its estimated budget, its human resources policy, and its communication plan. They will then be able to present their well-argued business plan to potential investors.

Then, with a Bachelor Degree, they will have the opportunity to showcase their work well beyond the Vatel Switzerland school.

A slogan for this Capstone project? “Think and Build”. "

When defining their Business Plan from A to Z, students must always ensure that they come up with a realistic and financially feasible project.

Their final work will be presented through a written report as well as an oral presentation. The objective will be to convince potential investors, represented here by an external jury of hotel professionals. 

The Capstone Project received the “Best Educational Project” Award at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards.

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