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Vatel Switzerland is officially on its way to becoming an ES! - Vatel

Vatel Switzerland is officially on its way to becoming an ES!

Announced a few months ago, Vatel was undergoing the steps to becoming accredited as an “Ecole Supérieure”. As of October 12th 2018, it has successfully achieved this accreditation!


What changes will there be and what news will be communicated related to this new accreditation? 

Two programs will emerge from this new accreditation, the first being the general course and also known as the classic Bachelor Program, which is intended for students who are graduating from a Maturity, Baccalaureate or A-Level. At the end of the 3 year program, students will be awarded the French State title, "Bachelor in International Hotel Management" in addition to the title recognized under the Swiss Confederation as "College of Professional and Training Degree in Hospitality Management".

The second change that will take place is the development of a professional curriculum (courses only in french) for apprentices that have obtained a CFC (Federal Certificate of Capacity) in a Hospitality related profession or tourism. This group of students will receive the title "College of Professional and Training Degree in Hospitality Management" at the end of the semesters of theoretical and practical followed by a 6 month internship. 

In order to validate this accreditation stage, our students from the general course program will be monitored during the 3 years program. We’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

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