Entrepreneurial students : design serving hospitality

Mathilde Gosteli, currently a second year MBA student in Human Resources Management at Vatel Switzerland, began creating her own concept store, the Espres Lilo, a while back.

Entrepreneurial students : design serving hospitality

A modern and welcoming store, the Espres Lilo, located in Martigny Switzerland, is a place where people can meet and enjoy local produce.

From its high-tech wine cellars to tables that were custom made to hold wine glasses, everything was designed with an avant-garde and esthetic spirit in mind.

This venue also shows different artistic creations that can be purchased. Did you ever think about having a glass of good wine and leaving with the table you were seated at?


Testimony of the creator

Espres LiloVatel is not just a school that specializes in hospitality and tourism management, it’s also a business school. Its theoretical courses gave me the fundamental bases in Management.

As for my practical application courses, they gave me all the complementary bases to launch this concept. It’s really a great challenge. Entrepreneurial projects are like a school of life.

On a daily basis I apply all the fundamentals that I learned during my three years of Bachelor Vatel’s courses: communication, administration and events management. I’m glad I was able to seize this opportunity and each day I get up wanting to do even better.”


"Turn each occasion into an opportunity, you’ve got the skills, just give yourself the means turn them into inovative concepts. Everything’s possible!”

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