GRADUATION: The Journey Starts Now!

The Class of 2016 graduation ceremony took place on September 3rd, at the Vatel Switzerland **** hotel.

GRADUATION: The Journey Starts Now!

Yves Defalque, the Vatel Switzerland General Manager, said in his opening speech:

 “I’m proud and reassured to see you leaving with suitcases full of knowledge and skills that match what hotel and restaurant managers require today to supervise their team members.”



Eight awards were also given to students in different categories during the ceremony. And this to tunes played by the Brass Band Constellation:

- Sarah Bourgeois, the best academic student in the English-speaking program, Boucherie Suter

- Aubane Rietsch § Diana Besson, the best academic students in the French-speaking program, Champagne Jacquard and Elite

- Anaïs Grandperret, the best practical application student in the English-speaking program, Beau Rivage Palace

-  Sarah Bourgeois, the best practical application student in the French-speaking program, Lavotel

- "La Valais Dansante", the best Capstone Project in the English-speaking program, Evian Resort

- "Modern Luxury in Switzerland", the best Capstone projects in the French-speaking program, Gastromer

Alain Schenkel, the F&B Manager and a Vatel Switzerland faculty member in practical application courses, handed over the two awards to the two best practical application students, with emotion: “My very first day at Vatel was also your first practical application day.  These were three exceptional years and you should be proud of yourselves! And don’t forget to be nice people, we are in the people industry!

The ceremony drew to an end with a speech Mr. Guilbert Clatot, the Swiss Vatel Alumni Club Ambassador, gave.  He invited the winners to join the Swiss Vatel Alumni Club: “30,000 alumni in the world, this is the Vatel Alumni network and it is really strong!

Guests were then invited to have an international brunch in a Garden Party.  Pierre Pourcher, a DJ, livened up the afternoon with his records and Pilou, the world’s greatest magician, also made this occasion a magical moment.

This is not the end of the story, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. And their journey starts now!