Jean Troillet the Mountaineer

Vatel Switzerland’s newest Event Ambassador reaches the summit!

Jean Troillet the Mountaineer

Following the reign of the 2017 Events Ambassador, Mr. Leonard Giannada, the future graduates of 2018 have the honor of being sponsored by the famous Canadian-Swiss mountaineer, Jean Troillet.

A unique conference was organized for the third year English and French classes to meet and speak with Vatel Switzerland’s 2018 Events Ambassador. 

Why a mountaineer?

Why has Vatel Switzerland chosen a mountaineer?

Vatel changed up its game by calling upon a non-hospitality figure. The school explores different ways that students can further create and develop their network through such a public figure. The school asked Jean Troillet to speak about his philosophy and career path in order to provide students a different scope of thinking. 

It’s a great opportunity for students to meet someone with a different mindset and point of view on lifestyle and experiences. 

Through his story telling, Mr. Troillet illustrated the link between management and organization through his K2 Himalaya expedition. He explained the interesting points and difficulties of managing a team of 4 people with completely different mindsets but who all had the same goal; climb and reach the summit. 

Mr. Troillet explains, “It’s a mixture of actively listening to everyone and respecting all point of views; the key to management success. The most important part of the expedition is not just reaching the summit, but making it back safely with your team. It is important to follow your dreams and to never forget those who helped you along the way. ”

Vatel Switzerland is launching it's new MBA specialization Finance.

Vatel Switzerland is launching it's new MBA specialization Finance.

Switzerland is the core of global finance and training in hotel management making it well recognized as a reputable Swiss institution.

Vatel Switzerland located in Martigny has decided to combine these two elements with a new MBA Specialization. Starting in November 2017, Vatel Switzerland will be conducting their new 3 semester program in Financial Management

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