The Breitling Airshow 2017

Vatel Martigny’s students shine bright with exceptional service during Switzerland’s biggest Airshow event taking place from September the 15th to the 17th, 2017

The Breitling Airshow 2017

During this meeting, aviators demonstrated their flying skills and the capabilities of their aircrafts to spectators which included Politicians and members of the Swiss Federal Council.

In collaboration with the Eldora Catering Company, 15 students provided the service to this event. Bachelor’s from the second year French section included Morgane Lugon-Moulin, Kenza Cherkaoui,and Marie-Anne Gendrin who worked to provide a memorable experience.

Over a duration of 3 days, and with 51,000 spectators coming from all over to capture this unique event which takes place annually. This year however, the Airshow took place particularly at the Sion Airport, which is situated in the capital of Valais.

As a result of such outstanding service and warm hospitality, Vatel students have been asked to come back for the next Airshow to take place in Sion in 2021.

Well done Vatel Switzerland!