Vatel Switzerland is certified by Eduqua!

After two days of auditing, the Vatel School in Martigny received the Swiss Eduqua label, recognizing its certification as a continuing educational institution.

Vatel Switzerland is certified by Eduqua!

Eduqua was a label designed to guarantee the quality of each educational institution in Switzerland. Over 1000 institutions providing training are certified by Eduqua in Switzerland

The certification is issued after the control and approval concerning the following elements:

- Training offers
- Trainers
- Training
- The board of directors
- The quality management system

This label requires that our methods are fully transparent and is a quality certification for all students.

After two days of in-depth auditing, both the Bachelor and MBA degrees in International Hotel Management, dispensed by Vatel Switzerland were awarded the Eduqua label.

As a result of these diplomas garanting added value, our Vatel Switzerland students are able to further access top executive positions in the hospitality industry.

Thanks to this certification our schools and our degrees have gained added value in Switzerland.