After their Bordeaux wine tasting session, Champagne was the next beverage that the Vatel Switzerland students had for their second wine and spirits discovery evening.


A passionate wine, spirits and champagne love, Christophe Coquillat hosted the Vatel Switzerland Student Life association on Tuesday March 21, in his wine bar, LOranger

 “You’ll soon benefit from all of this knowledge as it will allow you to stand out from your peers. And some of you will also discover a passion for this, one that you’ll want to transmit to others, later on.” Chistophe Coquillat 

A passion perhaps shared by Constance Muhlberger and Tom McCallum, two first year Bachelor in International Hotel Management students, who were won over by this event: “Tasting champagne from famous vineyards, listening to what an impassioned person can tell us and sharing this conviviality is a true opportunity, as well as one of the little pleasures that you can find in our line of work.”

And the Vatel Switzerland faculty members were also there this time: “When I see our students who organize and participate in this event, it’s like I’m looking over all of the work I’ve accomplished as a professor.” Alain Schenkel, F&B practical applications professor at Vatel Switzerland

Also a great occasion to toast the victory of Robin Beney and Matthias Le Large, the winners of the 2017 Young Hoteliers Summit, both Vatel Switzerland third year students.

So, when is the next tasting event?