4L Trophy : adventure et solidarity

Proud to wear the colors of Switzerland and represent their school, Hermine and Aurianne, students from Vatel Switzerland, took the road on the 20th edition of the 4L Trophy. Meeting before departure with the team "Pine4pple".

4L Trophy : adventure et solidarity

Hermine Kerjan travelled a lot during her childhood, she is currently a student in 3rd year of the Bachelor Program in International Hotel Management at Vatel Switzerland,

Born in France, she went living abroad with her parents in Gabon, Oman, the Netherlands, England, Argentina and Spain to finally end up in Switzerland in 2014.

Passionate about travel and looking for new challenges, her co-driver and classmate is Aurianne Peyret. She chose Vatel after spending a year-long trip travelling around Australia, where she discovered her true passion for travel.


Why choose the 4L Trophy adventure? 

"Passionate about driving and traveling enable this enlightening experience to fully encompass these two elements. We are lucky to study in a school that we chose. And as a result, we would like to improve education access for those living far from cities.

The main objective with this race is to enable the collection of loans for the development of new educational structures."


What do you expect from this race?

"It will be above all a collaborative experience. The 1200 cars will be united all along the expedition to make sure everyone’s crossing the finish line. The 4L Trophy, will be 10 days out of the ordinary while creating links with participants and locals.

Indeed, crossing the finish line will be a victory on its own. We particularly fear mechanical issues to solve on our own, in the middle of the desert. Although we know we will not be alone to confront these situations.

We don’t really know what to expect in this unique experience, which is what makes the project so exciting. "


How did your school accompany you?

"Vatel Switzerland is our first sponsor. Beyond the financial aspect, we have received a lot of support from the faculty and administrative teams, who have accompanied and advised us throughout the entire project.
4L Trophy

Also, a special thanks to our colleagues from the “The Student Life” in Vatel who supported us in promoting the project.