Banquet with Vatel Students!

For the 3rd time in a row, students from Vatel Switzerland have participated in the Valais hospital annual staff party in Martigny.

Banquet with Vatel Students!

More than 1,000 employees who are from the Valais hospital were gathered to enjoy the special annual event.

This event is really important for Ms. Pascale Baray, the director of the Valais hospital. Everything has to be perfect. It is the only moment in the year where all the staff are gathered to celebrate. 


Clear Organisation and Great Briefing!

Mr. Alain Schenkel, the F&B manager and practical teacher at Vatel Switzerland highlighted two important points regarding the event:

-    “The organisation is the most significant part": There are more than 55 working students and a leader who must explains the duties of each one.

-    "The great briefing": Comes before the service and have one purpose: divide the various tasks and responsibilities within the team.

Andrea Sbriglio, who graduated with a Bachelor in International Hotel Management, Vatel Switzerland in 2016 noticed that “managing people was the main challenge during this occasion. It is different from the regular restaurant service, everyone has to react fast in order to offer an exceptional service.”

For Jovit Samson, student of the MBA in International Hotel Management states that “it was a good opportunity to work in a team with 1st, 2nd, 3rd Bachelor years as well as MBA students.

 The feedback was very positif and the participants were satisfied : what a success!