Party time at Cafe Voisins!

Vatel graduates from Switzerland celebrate their school’s victory at the Hospitality Awards during a party of the Vatel Club Switzerland.

Party time at Cafe Voisins!

Reunited at the meeting on the 24th of November organized by the Vatel Club Swiss Ambassador and Reservations Officer of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Geneva, Guilbert Clatot, Vateliens all over the country gather to celebrate the “Best Hospitality Management School” award given to the Vatel Group.

Business leaders, Hotel Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing, Human Resources or Finance, Public Relations, Event Management, Cost Controllers, Housekeepers, Reception Managers... all gathered at the Café Voisins hosted by Thomas Cluzel, Assistant Manager and former graduate of Vatel Nîmes.

“The Vatel Clubs are a valid continuation of the end of the academic career of the Vatel students, that allow all generations of graduates to maintain the bond that unites them to form a network of solidarity and dynamic professionals,"  stated by Thomas C.

To get an idea of ​​the atmosphere that evening, watch the video presentation of the Café Voisins: